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Untitled: Fielding. video documentation
Priesthood manuals, The Joy of Being a Woman, corn syrup, red string
Untitled: The Dark Shy Pupil. video documentation
Molasses, peanut oil, monofilament, static mixing tubes, nylon fabric, fiber
approx. 10' x 10' x 5'
Strata. video documentation
Fabric, pyracantha berries, water, and piles of dirt excavated from various construction sites in the salt lake valley
approx 10'x18'x20'
Desert Project. video documentation
Marl excavated from the Utah West Desert, large crystal salt, video

I've been reared within the utopian construct of an American religion in the West, imprinted with the grid as an essential restraint. In this environment, structural ideals are subject to entropic forces, and the tension between these elements is where I strike form. I'm influenced by the harshly defined landscape and the dominant culture in Utah. Through re-appropriating visual relics and signals from my surroundings and background, I aim to render them as universally accessible art objects, albeit with multilayered agendas.